Galaxy Note 23 Ultra Release: All You Need to Know

The South Korean firm discontinued its Note series after the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 series, which was released in 2020. There was no Note 21 Ultra or Note 22 Ultra. The series was the last by the company, and they officially declared that they would not be launching any smartphones in the series. The users and enthusiasts are unhappy about that, and some want a refreshing look of the Note series again.

As there was no Note 21 and Note22 Ultra, will there be a Note 23 Ultra this time? Well, in this article, we will be discussing the Note series of smartphones, their reason for extinction, causes, and also whether we will be able to see a Note 23 Ultra this year. If you want to know about it, read the complete article and share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Galaxy Note series introduced by Samsung directed the audience toward productivity and multitasking. They were designed flat, had boxy shapes, and were edgy from the sides. On the other hand, the Galaxy S series is focused on content consumption with beautiful curve displays and better designs. Later, the company kept shaping the technology used on the Note series of smartphones, which was available on the S series.

Fans and enthusiasts loved the Galaxy Note series because of its gorgeous looks and powerful support for an integrated S Pen, making their multitasking smoother and better. Let’s discuss why the Galaxy Note series got discontinued and any good news for fans.

Why did the company discontinue the Galaxy Note series?

Before the discontinuation process, Samsung used two premium flagship series smartphones, namely, the S series and the Note series, out of which the S series of smartphones are still coming. The S series provides a great multimedia experience, and the Note series focuses on multitasking and creative people as it supports the S Pen.

With that saying, the key difference between the Galaxy Note series and the S series was the S Pen. And with every yearly launch of both the series, the specifications and pricing were going nearly similar to each other, and the only significant difference left was the S Pen. Further, at a particular time, the S series reached the position where it could offer similar tasks and performances just like the S series.

This resulted in the decision by the company to discontinue the Note series and include the standard S Pen in the S series of smartphones.

s23 ultra

Is the Galaxy Note series wholly discontinued?

We are unsure whether there will be any Galaxy Note 23 Ultra this time. At MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2022, the company’s CEO Roh Tae Mon indirectly confirmed that the Galaxy Note series is discontinued and will be replaced with the ‘Ultra’ model of the Galaxy S series.

It is true, as we have witnessed the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the last generation Galaxy S22 Ultra which was very different from the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Similar to the Note series devices, they brought sharp and boxy edges, a flat surface, and an additional slot for the S Pen coupled with the device. Also, the exclusive features available on the Note series, like Air Gestures, low latency, etc., are available in the Galaxy S22 and S23 Ultra smartphones.

Possible reasons for discontinuing the Galaxy Note series:

  1. The Galaxy Note 7 arrived was too prone to many internal and external problems like ultimate heating, battery explosions, etc. So, to exclude the name from the lousy remark, the company has decided to discontinue the Note series.
  2. The change of leadership from D.J. Koh to T.M. Roh can be a reason for the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note series. Both people may have different missions, visions, and perspectives for the company for both the S series and the Note series.

Will there be a Galaxy Note 23 Ultra?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility for the launch of the Galaxy Note 23 Ultra as the Galaxy S23 Ultra has all the features that used to be in a Note series of smartphones. The features include a 1440P 120Hz AMOLED display with HDR10+ certification, flat sides, flat panel, integrated S Pen, and more.

From the optics, the S23 Ultra comes with a 200MP HM3 1/1.3″ sensor with better zooming capabilities, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC (made for Galaxy), and better thermal control. So, there’s no point in launching a Galaxy Note 23 Ultra with the exact specifications and pricing as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. So, we should not expect a Note later this year, giving proof that the Note series is abandoned. More precisely, if we look into the specifications and details, the S series “Ultra” variant has been discontinued instead of the Note.

So, with a final note, it is not likely that we will be able to witness the Galaxy Note 23 Ultra later this year. So, it’s better not to be so hopeful about the smartphone launch.

Do you like the Note series of smartphones? What qualities of the Galaxy Note series do you like the most? What feature did you miss available on the Note series of devices? Are you happy with the company’s decision to replace the Note series variant with the S series? Do tell us in the comments section below. Follow us for more such analysis, and he connected with us in this post in case something arrives concerning the Note series of smartphones.

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