Galaxy Unpacked 2023 Event Date: All You Need to Know

The last year’s Galaxy Unpacked event happened in February 2022, when the tech giant unveiled the most awaited Galaxy S21 series consisting of Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and the ultimate flagship—the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Along with the flagship series, the company also unveiled the Galaxy Tab S8 series, which consists of the Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+, and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

Likewise, the firm is planning for the Galaxy Unpacked Event 2023, which is most anticipated in February and August. In its yearly Galaxy event, Samsung unveils most of its innovative and productive technologies. Many leaks and rumours surf the web regarding the most anticipated Galaxy Unpacked Event 2023. So, we have summed it up here in this article. This article will discuss the event, the expected release date, the products expected or unveiled, etc. Keep reading the article if interested in the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked Event.

Galaxy Unpacked Event 2023

The South Korean tech giant schedules two events yearly to unveil their innovative and creative products. The two events usually happen in February and August, respectively. This year too, we can expect two Galaxy Unpacked Events by the company. Below we have discussed in detail both the events. So kindly read them to find out what Samsung has planned for 2023.

When will the Galaxy Unpacked Event in February 2023 happen?

  • The Galaxy Unpacked (FEB) event will happen on February 1, 2023.

Update January 9: The Samsung website in Colombia added a banner that shows the date of Galaxy Unpacked 2023 as February 1, 2023. The banner shows the tagline, “epic moments are coming,” and vertically aligned triple cameras.

The Galaxy Unpacked February event is held by Samsung, especially for their Galaxy S series. They also unveil their Galaxy Tab series simultaneously at the event in alternate years. For reference, the Galaxy S22 series was unveiled this year in February 2022, along with the Galaxy Tab S8 series in the first week.

Several leaks surfacing around the web have confirmed the launch of the next generation Galaxy S series in the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked February Event. However, the Galaxy Tab series is unexpected as per Samsung’s iteration.

To further confirm the news, Korea JoongAng Daily, a Samsung executive, has confirmed that the new Galaxy S23 series will launch in the upcoming February Event. Instead of Las Vegas, the event will take place in San Francisco. The leaked date for the event to happen is somewhere between February 1 and February 7.

The event will probably include the Galaxy S23 series, which consists of the regular Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and the top-of-the-line flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra. Along with that, there could be something else planned for the event by the company. We have got everything till now about the forthcoming Galaxy S23 series.

When will the Galaxy Unpacked Event in August 2023 happen?

  • The Galaxy Unpacked (AUG) event is most probably happening in the second week of August 2023.

The secondary event held by Samsung is usually in August. Earlier, the event was exclusive to the Galaxy Note series, but as they have been discontinued, the event is preserved for the Galaxy Z series, Galaxy Watches and Galaxy Buds.

Travelling back in August 2022, the company announced the Galaxy Z 4 series, which includes Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. The event happened in the second week of the month.

We can expect the new Galaxy Z foldable series for the coming year, probably the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. For now, there are few details about foldable smartphones. We can also expect the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro during the event. The upcoming Galaxy Unpacked August Event also expects an upgraded version of Galaxy Buds.

We like to mention that this year, Samsung also scheduled the third Galaxy Unpacked Event, where they unveiled the Galaxy A series of smartphones. The event took place in March 2022. It was the first time Samsung had planned the third Unpacked Event in history. We are unsure about the following year, but we can expect the third Galaxy Unpacked Event in March 2023.

How to Watch the Galaxy Unpacked Event?

If you are waiting for the Galaxy Unpacked Event 2023, you might be wondering how to watch the event. Don’t worry; we have listed some places where you can watch the Galaxy Unpacked Event without disturbance. Follow any of the below-listed steps and see if that works.

  • You can watch the event directly by visiting Samsung’s official website streams whenever there is an event scheduled. You can go to and search for the live tab and enjoy the event once it starts.
  • You can watch the event by following Samsung’s various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Ensure that you follow the respective social media platforms to get the notification as soon as the event starts. You can also go manually, search for the event and watch it without any problem.


That’s all for the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked Event. To summarize, the February 2023 Event will comprise the flagship Galaxy S23 series, and the August 2023 Event will include the Galaxy Z Foldable series, new Watches, and Galaxy Buds. If you are waiting for the event, the first event will take place around the first week of February, followed by the second event around the second week of August 2023.

Are you excited about the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked Event 2023? What do you expect from the company to launch at the event? Which product are you most excited about? Do tell us in the comments section below. Stay with us for further information regarding the news, and we will keep you updated accordingly.

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