iOS 16.1 Release Date & Top Features: All You Need to Know

The American tech giant has released iOS 16.1 Beta 5 update to the developers and the iOS 16.1 Public. Beta 5 to the public beta testers. iOS 16, unveiled on September 12, has been a full buggy update since its launch. To compensate for this, Apple has already released iOS 16.0.1 and iOS 16.0.2, which fixed some of the issues. Then, they released iOS 16.0.3, an effective solution to their issues and problems like rapid battery drain, notification delay issues, low microphone volume on calls through Apple CarPlay, the Camera app’s slow performance, and mail application crashes during startup.

Despite this, the users are enormously waiting for the iOS 16.1 update, from which they have high expectations. However, the Beta phases of iOS 16.1 are live, as discussed above. Beta 5 is also released, and to sum it up, the beta phases are on the verge of extinction, and hopefully, we can expect the iOS 16.1 stable release soon.

iOS 16.1 Official Release Date:

  • iOS 16.1 will likely be released on October 24, 2022

According to a new report and tweet by Mark Gurman, he expects iPadOS 16.1 to be released on October 24, along with the rumoured anticipated launch of new iPads and MacBook Pros. The launch will likely include the 10th generation iPad, iPad Pro with M2 chip, and new MacBook Pros. Gurnam says in his tweet, “iPadOS 16.1 is on track to be released the week of October 24 — barring any new bugs or issues.” Though he said about iPadOS 16.1, iOS 16.1 is also expected on the same day. 

Because the Stage Manager on iPads powered by Apple’s M chip, iPadOS 16 got delayed. That’s why Apple could not sync with its trend of simultaneously launching the operating system for iPhones and iPads

So, on October 24, we can expect a stable release of iOS 16.1 and the launch of new iPads and MacBook Pros. If you are also waiting eagerly for iOS 16.1 and are excited about its upcoming features, then we have enlisted some of the top essential features seen in the Beta phases of iOS 16.1.

iOS 16.1 Top Features:

  1. iOS 16 came with a significant change in the battery department, displaying a more convenient battery percentage. But iOS 16.1 took it one step further. It enhances the battery indicator text a little bit which is more readable now.
  2. Clean Energy Charging Feature: The feature has been enabled by default since its launch. Clean Energy Charging charges the iPhone when power grids are less constrained and more clean energy capacity is available. It helps to reduce carbon footprints. Apple says, “learns from your daily charging routine so it can reach full charge before you need to use it.” You can access the feature from Settings > Battery > Battery Health and Charging > Clean Energy Charging.
  3. Live Activities: This new concept displays real-time information from applications in a dynamic type notification. For example, suppose you ordered something from Zomato or Swiggy; in that case, the Live Activities notification will show you the estimated arrival time of your delivery right on your lock screen without checking into the respective application.
  4. Live Activities API: Following the Live Activities, the functionality of this API is similar. It helps you to access live activities from any third-party app.
  5. Matter Support: Matter converts the home into a smart one by connecting or integrating compatible accessories to work seamlessly.
  6. With iOS 16.1, you can only rack your workout sessions from your iPhone. Before the version, Fitness+ required the Apple Watch to work. However, it is to be noted that the service is not yet available in India.
  7. iCloud Shared Photo Library: It helps family members to share photos seamlessly with a separate iCloud library which up to 6 users can contribute to and enjoy its advantage.
  8. Volume Swipe Toggle for AirPods Pro 2: iOS 16.1 now adds a new switch to the AirPods Pro 2’s Settings. Using this, you will eliminate Volume Swipe as you can turn OFF the particular gesture.
  9. Apple Wallet app now has support with iOS 16.1 that it can be deleted. Further doing this will restrict you from using Apple Pay, Apple Cash, and Apple Card.

Apart from the above features, some bugs can be resolved, security improvements and changes in the software algorithms with the upcoming iOS 16.1.

Are you excited to get hands-on with iOS 16.1? Or the expected launch by Apple on October 24? Do tell us in the comment section. Be connected with us here, as we are dedicated to providing Apple leaks and the latest news.

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