Best iOS 16 Home Screen Ideas for Your iPhone

Apple has confirmed that the latest iOS 16 will be announced on 6 June at WWDC 2022. Hardly just a few weeks left now. Finally, iOS 16 is coming next month. Usually, Apple brings a lot of new features with some much-needed changes with a new iOS version. That’s why every Apple users are very much excited about the release of the iOS 16.

When Apple announced iOS 15 in September last year, it brought some new features to the iPhone’s inner layout. Apple introduced a feature called Focus mode with the iOS 15 update. It allows us to have multiple modes on our iPhones. So, users are expecting something new with the iOS 16 update too.

Anyway, we will get to know about it after the official announcement. We will discuss some home screen ideas about the upcoming iOS 16 update. There was once when Apple wouldn’t let its users customize their home screen. But, now you can completely change your home screen to your preferences.

iOS 16 Home Screen Ideas

Best iOS 16 Home Screen Ideas

  1. Set up a Gaming mode just for Games.
  2. Separate your works or study apps.
  3. Split themes by Your Interests and Hobbies.
  4. Use Dark mode and Light mode.

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1. Set up a Gaming mode just for Games

Focus mode allows us to have multiple modes on our iPhone devices. If you are a gamer, you would like to customize your home screen with gaming themes. You can make your screen a game-themed home screen. Based on iOS 15 features, you will be able to customize photo widgets and app icons into your favourite game character. This will give you a separate gaming vibe as it will be a separate app portion from other apps.

2. Separate your works or study apps

All work-related or study-related apps must keep separated from other apps on your phone. It will help you to avoid any distractions from any other apps while working on a certain task. Especially we all know that social media apps can consume our time very much. With the help of Focus mode, you can customize your all works or study apps on the upcoming iOS 16.

3. Split themes by Your Interests and Hobbies

You can set your home screen themes according to your multiple interests. For example, if you love singing, you can put some famous singers’ themes on the home screen. You can change it anytime as your interests. There will be lots of new themes available on iOS 16.

4. Use Dark mode and Light mode

Nowadays, the dark and light mode is common. It is a very popular feature among all users. Some people like to use their phones in Dark mode, while others like to have Light mode. This will be based on the user’s interest. Of course, the iOS 16 also will have this feature. You could go with a simple white home screen layout and then add a dark-themed Focus mode for when you are in “emo mode”.

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