iOS 16 Wallpaper in 4K Download for iPhone

Are you searching for iOS 16 wallpapers in 4K and HD Quality? Only a few weeks are left to reveal the next generation of iOS called iOS 16. With the new OS, we will get new wallpapers.

iOS 16 WallPaper

iOS 16 Wallpapers

As of now, we have no idea about iOS 16 features and the new look. But concept wallpapers are already surfaced on the web. These includes

  1. AR7’s concept wallpaper version 1.
  2. AR7’s concept wallpaper version 2.
  3. UXGOD’s concept wallpaper design 1.
  4. UXGOD’s concept wallpaper design 2.

How to Download iOS 16 Wallpaper in 4K?

  • Visit Google Drive Link Provided by AR7 (Link 1/ Link 2) OR Twitter Link 1/ Link 2 Provided by UXGOD.
  • Now you can download concept iOS 16 wallpapers at maximum quality.
  • Long press on your iPhone screen and click on the “Add to Photos” option.
  • Head over to  Settings> Wallpaper> Select New background on your iPhone
  • Finally, choose the iOS Wallpaper you downloaded to set it on the lock screen or the home screen.

No Redesign in iOS 16

If you hope that iOS 16 will mark the first major redesign in years, you will be disappointed. Bloomberg says iOS 16 will not provide an “end to end redesign”. That means the overarching design will remain the same again in 2022.

The last time Apple changed iOS design entirely with iOS 7. Apple has been slowly making changes to its applications and aspects of iOS, but we haven’t seen a complete redesign yet.

Talking about the new features, Bloomberg says iOS 16’s focus will be on notifications this year. Additionally, it will include new health-tracking features.

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