iPad 2023 (11th Generation): Release Date, Price, and Specifications

The Cupertino-based tech giant is preparing for the new iPad launch. The upcoming iPad 2023 is said to be a 14-Inch size. The biggest iPad yet is the 12.9 Inch iPad Pro launched earlier by the company. But now, Apple is making its way to introduce a laptop like the iPad. Also, the OS for iPads, i.e., iPadOS, has been introducing new features with every iPad launch. One of the emphasized features of iPadOS is the stage manager and its integration with the Operating System.

The users and Apple fans are too excited about the upcoming iPad variant. But, there are solid chances for the release of the same in the next year. This article will discuss the forthcoming iPad 2023 (11th Generation), its Release Date, Specifications, and Price. If you are interested in the upcoming iPad, you should read the whole post to understand the iPad 2023. So, without waiting any further, let’s get started!

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The image shows the iPad 2022

iPad 2023 (11th Generation) Release Date

  • The upcoming 14-Inch iPad 2023 is expected to release around the first quarter of 2023, possibly in March 2023, during Spring Event.

For now, we are not sure about the actual release date of the upcoming iPad. However, according to prominent industry insider Ross Young, the iPad is expected in Q1 2023. We can rely on the leaked date by looking at Apple’s iterations announcing the new iPads and Macs in their spring event.

iPad 2023 (11th Generation) Specifications

A massive upgrade is expected from the upcoming 14-Inch iPad. So we have listed the desired data sheet of what the forthcoming iPad model will provide to the enthusiasts waiting.

Display: The leaked name suggests that the forthcoming iPad will likely come with a 14-Inch giant display. The exact rumoured screen size is expected to be 14.1 inches. Ross Young, faithful in the display department, predicted that the iPad would not feature a mini-LED panel or the ProMotion display. But he has only further removed his words and now claims that the iPad will feature Apple’s most cutting-edge display technology. Also, as per the leaked reports, the American Tech Giant is working on a Hybrid OLED display technology. By this, we may expect the upcoming iPad to adopt the technology first.

Hardware Specifications: The iPad 2023 is expected to come with Apple’s M2 chipset and the argument happening in the tech realm for the chipset being used for the iPad is only the M2 chip.

Battery and Charging: There is nothing up for now for the battery department. But as the display size is crazily increasing, we should expect an increased battery pack in the iPad. The charging speeds will be more or less similar to the previous generation.

Camera: Cameras on the iPad are not as great as those on iPhones. On the flip side, the details for the iPad’s camera are unavailable. But you can expect a similar camera setup as that used on the predecessor, with some modifications and enhancements in the algorithms.

Storage: A renowned Apple tipster Majin Bu has claimed in his tweet that the iPad 2023 will likely come with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage configuration. Take the above statement with a pinch of salt. The current iPad Pro has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. It will also not make any sense for the iPad to come with that much configuration of RAM and Storage options. Both are low in the latest M2 MacBook Air. So, we are not sure about the accuracy of the leak.

Design: There will be a few design changes in the upcoming iPad 2023. As per the resources, the iPad will likely come with slimmer bezels, a comparatively more oversized Apple logo, and a TrueDepth camera with a horizontal orientation.

Software: The upcoming iPad, expected to be unveiled in early 2023, will likely come with iPadOS 16 out-of-the-box. The device will also get on one of the priority lists to receive iPadOS 17, which will likely be announced at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event in June 2023.

iPad 2023 (11th Generation) Price

  • The iPad 2023 (11th Generation) could be priced at $799 in the US.

The latest 12.9 Inch iPad Pro starts at $1099 for the base variant. Considering the new display technologies like the “Hybrid OLED display,” ProMotion display (120 Hz refresh rate), and a mini-LED panel, the price of the upcoming iPad will eventually increase.

So, if you are waiting for the upcoming iPad 2023 model, you should wait for 2023 to begin. The company will likely announce the new iPad in their spring event with the latest MacBooks.

Are you excited about the upcoming 14-Inch iPad? What do you expect from the 11th Generation iPad? Do you like the expected features and specifications of the device? Do tell us in the comments section below. Please stay connected with us for further information about the iPad 2023, as we will keep updating the post whenever something new arrives for the same. Thank you for reading.

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